Dr Deston Choo acquired his Degree in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) from AIMST University. After graduation, he started his medical practice in various departments, including primary health care with dermatology experience. 

He holds a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Choo also participated in numerous local and international workshops, including Korean Advanced & Body Technique Master Class, Korean Thread Lifting Master Class and is certified competent in various laser, botulinum toxin and filler procedures. 

He is also a member of Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), Society of Anti-Aging, Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine Malaysia (SAAARMM) and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). 

Dr Choo’s passion in aesthetic medicine stems from his love of all things beautiful. Possessing a meticulous eye for detail and a caring personality, he is always ready to advise his patients on safe and effective solutions, as well as the latest advances in aesthetic treatments. 

Dr. Choo’s special interest is in facial rejuvenation, using a combination of machine-based treatment as well as judicious use of botulinum toxin and fillers to achieve a natural and youthful appearance. He also has a particular interest in various types of pigmentation that commonly afflict Asians, especially melasma, and had successfully treated many such patients. 

Offering quality services at competitive prices, Dr Choo believes that every individual can look their best when equipped with the right knowledge, lifestyle, products and treatments.